Not Just Black Pants

An advocate from one of the shelters we serve reached out to us last week.  This is that story...

"One of our teens just got a job but unfortunately can’t find black work pants (even at our stores!) and had to call out!" 

She went on to say that she had called around to all of their usual resources for this type of need but were unable to find her particular size pants, and they were out of gift cards, so going out and buying a pair of pants for her was not an option.  My heart broke for that young girl who was just trying to get her life back, but didn't have the "tools" she needed. And the shelter advocate was at a loss.  

So she reached out to us!! OPT is blessed to be a part of a network of wonderful organizations at the Harrelson Center! I contacted the Help Hub and Philippians 3 Ministries, and we were able to find a pair of black work pants in the exact size the young girl needed!! I showed up at the shelter with two bags - one held the black pants, and the other was full of cosmetics and beauty essentials - all the tools she would need to feel confident and prepared on her first day of work! 

A pair of pants and some cosmetics may not seem like much, but to that young girl, it was a glimpse of HOPE and a chance to make a new start. That's Operation Pretty Things! 

If you would like to be a part of life changing stories like this one (and I really HOPE you do!), please consider giving today! As you can see...every little bit counts!! #notjustblackpants to change a life today!