HOPE for our city

As I sit here, sipping coffee, praying for our city, and the lives who so desperately need HOPE, I am overwhelmed by the reality that right here, in my city, there are women who are hurting and need to know they are worth more than they've been told.  

"Do something about one thing, instead of nothing about everything."  

It's so simple, isn't it?  One thing.  That may be all it takes to save a life.  Over the last 10 years I have seen it.  The HOPE that I talk about all the time.  The shift from the fear of the unknown, to knowing that a future without abuse is possible.  I have watched OPT grow from a little idea to an organization that humbly serves the nation.  It is growing because it is a vital asset to the shelters we serve.  Operation Pretty Things is the only organization doing what we do.  Not duplicating a service, but seeing an unmet need and filling it.  

That is an exciting and remarkable truth.  But it comes with a great responsibility.  What an honor it is to know that lives are being changed by our simple tangible extension of love.  For us to continue to be a glimpse of HOPE, we need to be a people who believe.  A people who get it.  We are the change.  The job, the privilege, is ours.  Please stand with me in our fight against the violence that prevails in homes all over our city!  Support this ministry that restores HOPE to the hopeless.  Be the one...

It's so simple, yet so profound.  Please give.  Here is the link.  Please help me.  We can be an army of HOPE.  Together.  

...HOPE is contagious.

-Missy Boneske