The Black Box Initiative

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is right around the corner. With that, comes the OPT Pretty Things Drive and... 
The Black Box Initiative!! (PLEASE keep reading...!!)

We all have so much on our plates. The last thing we need is another overly involved commitment as we enter the holiday season. The Black Box Initiative DOES NOT NEED YOUR TIME, and WON'T COST YOU A THING. It makes a HUGE impact on our community, and keeps Operation Pretty Things alive!! 

The reach of our mission begins with our gifts. It is our way to express LOVE and HOPE in a very tangible way, while meeting a need that empowers and heals the abused and battered women right here in our city. We cannot do this alone. 

The Black Box Initiative allows local businesses a chance to support this cause by hosting a donation drop box in there place of business for those in our community wishing to donate cosmetics and beauty essentials. That's it!! All we need is enough places to say YES to make this year's Pretty Things Drive a true success!! The box comes with brochures and some criteria for the items being donated. All we ask is that you put the box in a safe place, so that the donated items won't get damaged or stolen.

The details: The drive lasts about 6 weeks. We are hoping to have all boxes in place by October 7th. At that point, your business will be listed on our website as a drop box location. Feel free to do "in house mini-drives"!! Or challenge other businesses to see who can collect the most. Make it fun! There is so much joy in giving!! And as always, please keep in mind those who will be receiving the gifts....only NEW, UNOPENED, NEVER BEEN USED items. We want to give them the very best!

So what do you think? Will you BE THE ONE to keep the LOVE alive? 

If yes, email missy at: - subject line: Black Box Initiative. 

THANK YOU in advance for your kindness and support!